Mike Baur’s Incredible Achievements As an Entrepreneur

Mike Baur is one of the Swiss entrepreneurs who are known in the investment landscape for good reasons. He plays a bigger role in initiatives aimed to change how people view investment from the start. According to Baur, Switzerland is one of the fastest emerging economies set to shock the world in the next ten years. Baur stresses that it is very important for Switzerland entrepreneurs to come together and work as a unit towards a better future.

In an interview organized by Founderstories.com, Mike Baur acknowledges that there are a lot of companies that have the potential to become sensational. He pinpointed that such companies need to focus more on execution than innovation. He acknowledges that companies could be more successful if they can balance the two aspects.

Because of his desire to make an impact on Switzerland’s business landscape, Mike Baur quit his career as a banker to start a company known as Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). The company looks for promising entrepreneurs and incubates them into well-molded entrepreneurs. The company also focuses on building more opportunities for individuals and startups through connections in Switzerland and around the globe.

The company runs its programs within a span of three months. Within this period, young entrepreneurs get the chance to interact with successful businessmen assembled from different parts of the world. The system also provides a platform that allows the prospective entrepreneurs get appropriate coaching and mentoring tailored specifically to their fields of interests. They are provided with incentives for services and office spaces to work in. Before the program ends, the attendees get to connect with other entrepreneurs to create more opportunities and work their way to the top of the business ladder. The company recently merged with Fintech Accelerator Fusion to create a stronger brand presence in both Zurich and Geneva. The two will collaborate on a number of operation channels including startup acceleration, pre-selections and mentor exchange networks.

More about Mike Baur

Mike Baur was born in Fribourg, Switzerland to strict parents who only wanted a bright future for their child. Baur’s entrepreneurship skills began to surface at a young age. He was always interested in banking and finance. As a result, he joined the banking sector after college. His hard work and innovative mind helped him rise through the ranks. He even became an executive board member at the Swiss Private Bank. He is a graduate of Rochester University with a MBA.



Wengie’s Top Three DIY Phone Hacks

If you own a smartphone, this DIY tutorial made by Wengie is certainly for you! The Australian beauty blogger never fails in delivering interesting information and tutorials never once thought possible. Her mission to make life a little sweeter radiates in each one of her videos, and makes for an entertaining experience for those who give her DIY hacks a try.


  1. Plastic Makes an Incredible Hologram Producer


An old CD case no longer serves a purpose, so breaking it into five pieces and then forming a pyramid using hot glue is a great way to turn your phone into a hologram producer. Simply turn the lights out and watch in amazement as images dance throughout the air lively and colorful.


  1. Turn Your Phone into a Blacklight


This is Wengie’s favorite DIY phone hack because of its simplicity and the endless hours of fun that it allows for. After admitting that she painted her face with highlighters to make this trick that much more fun, she showed users how to do it:



  • Cover your phone’s flashlight with a clear piece of tape. Color it using a blue marker.
  • Cover that piece of tape with another and color that portion in with a purple marker.
  • Finally, cover that piece and color it in blue again.


After doing this, simply turn your flashlight on and prepare to be amazed at how the colors glow.


  1. Make Your Own Speaker and Phone Stand


The strain playing on your phone puts on your neck is fairly bothersome, so Wengie suggests making your own stand that doubles as a speaker. Simply take two solo cups and a toilet paper roll. Cut small holes into the cups that will easily hold the ends of the roll, and place it inside. From there, cut a slit into the exposed portion of the roll that your phone will fit in. After placing your phone inside its designated holder, you will be pleasantly surprised at the sound that it generates.

Jennifer Walden Takes On Facelifts, Tummy Tucks, And Parenting

Jennifer Walden is one of the top plastic surgeons in America and Texas is proud to say she has moved back home. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in the state of Texas. She is the daughter of a fantastic and talented Dentist and a Surgical Nurse. She began learning how important the medical profession was at an early age. This education is what gave her the desire to become a surgeon. Jennifer also enjoyed sports when she was growing up. She played soccer and made the all-star team. After completing high school, college, and getting her doctorate she moved to New York to work.


In New York, Jennifer Walden became one of the best doctors and speakers around. She trained with one of the top ear, nose, and throat doctors before she added on her speaking career. She loved to speak in front of other groups and teach them skills in surgery. She is now a media commentator. In 2011 Jennifer moved home to raise her twin boys. Being a single parent and knowing how important it was to have family around, she made the decision to have her parents and other family members close.


Jennifer Walden is the proud recipient of several awards. She is proud to say she has the honor of being one of American Women’s Society Award winners. She also won awards for the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Winning these awards gives her the ability to feel confident in giving out advice about touchy subjects such as sex. She is often meeting with people to explain the myths behind vaginal rejuvenation and what men believe about the woman’s genitalia. Jennifer hopes that she can make a difference when she talks about specific issues.


Being a plastic surgeon and loving to make people beautiful, Jennifer is taking her job to the next level. She is taking on several talk shows and is helping people get makeovers, and wrinkle reduction. Facelifts and tummy tucks help people to feel better about themselves and Jennnifer sure does plenty of these in her profession. Her new satellite office is open and she is ready to perform miracles to make people look and feel better. Austin Texas is lucky to have such a talented young woman to be in their corner.

Lime Crime And Doe Deere: The Freedom Of Expression

Doe Deere was born with a sense of vibrant fashion and love of color. Starting at a young age, Doe has always experimented with color whether it was with make up, fashion, or expressing herself through art. Recently Doe was honored as a Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneur by Self Made Magazine and reflected back on her colorful journey to where she is now.

Doe used to love to play with her mother’s makeup. She recalls her first experience with makeup at age nine. Doe and her friends were playing dress up and Doe knew the outfit wouldn’t be complete without makeup. Since that day Doe has begun a love affair with different types of makeup. In her twenties, Doe started posting pictures of herself on the Lime Crime Facebook, experimenting with theatrical makeup as this type of makeup was more colorful than the makeup that was on the market at the time. She stated that it was freeing to experiment, even if it didn’t look the best, she was loving changing her look daily.

As Doe’s followers began to grow, Doe saw the need to create her own line of makeup, colorful and vibrant, suitable to expressing one’s moods and creativity. The name ‘Lime Crime’ came about because Doe needed a name for her online store and she loves the color lime. The name stuck and has helped drive internet traffic to her store daily. Doe has a solid base of customers that she has affectionately named “Unicorns” because every one of her customers is unique and expresses their own style.

Doe Deere has made a name for herself by expressing her style and gives others a platform through makeup to express their own styles. Doe hopes that other women will see her as an inspiration to follow their own dreams.  Follow her brand on Twitter, or buy Lime Crime products on Urban Outfitters, and some of the unique products on Doll’s Kill.

Shea Butter is Pleasing For The Skin

Shea butter is one of nature’s great gifts to mankind. Extract from a nut that grows on the shea trees of Africa, shea butter has found its way into many of our health and beauty cosmetics. Believed to be the secret beauty product of Egypt’s very own Cleopatra, shea butter holds a very high standard among its users. The active ingredients of shea butter serves many benefitial purposes.

Most commonly applied to the skin, shea butter gives the body a silk and smooth feeling. Shea butter is also used as a tool to remove dark spots from the skin. Many people who suffer from chronic dry skin use shea as a daily moisturizer. The components of shea is used as a natural sun screen lotion during the blazing hot summers. Also during the heated summers, the usage of shea butter can soothe someone who is suffering from sun burn.
As the popularity of shea butter increases, companies around the globe have revolutionized and cultivated the shea nut into the butter type products we see in our local shops.

One of the leading companies of shea butter usage is the EuGenia Shea company. Using 95% pure shea in all of its products, the EuGenia Shea company gives the highest quality possible for modern day shea butter users. The founder of Eugenia Shea most commonly known as Naa-Sakle has worked tirelessly to provide consumers with an assortment of products containing shea.

Eugenia Shea offers speciality products as well. The Pregnancy Strength shea butter product was designed for expecting mothers. The product is gentle and fast acting. Limiting the possibilities for developing stretch marks, the Pregnancy Strength shea has quickly become a favorite. The Dermatological shea product is designed specifically for dermatology usage.

Natural ingredients are on a steady rise as many consumers become more conscious of the health benefits associated with skin care products. Eugenia Shea produces the ideal products for shea butter users.

Reaction of Securus to the activities being carried out by Global Tel Link

Securus Technology is currently offering a broad range of services including civil and criminal justice technology solutions. They are now releasing information about how inmate communication providers are breaking the law put in place by the government to protect the rights of prisoners. The prisoners’ rights group has been complaining about the quality of service being offered by Global Tel Link. Apart from the quality of utility being rendered by the entity has also been overpricing the service they provide.

Securus has been investigating the body, and when doing so, they realized a number of illegal things that were being done by GTL.

GTL has programmed its system to add 15 or 36 seconds to every call being made with their firm. In this case, inmates have been paying extra cash for the minutes added to their calls. By so doing the entity has been profiting from the system put in place.

The firm has also been double charging a single call more than once making the recipients pay more than once. This is totally against the law since no one has the right to double charge any commodity or utility being offered to the client.

Securus will be providing articles and press realizes that showcase the unlawful activities being carried out by the GTL for the next six months. The main aim of doing this is simply to create awareness about what is taking place in our society. Apart from that, it is also a way of shaming the company so that it can abide by the law to avoid inconveniences of any nature to their clients.

After billing a call the firm has been adding additional charges to the correct billing. There is no single pattern followed by the company while doing this. The company has been adding different amounts of cash to the initial billing. All this is being carried out intentionally.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Europe and Ukraine Sustenance

According to George Soros, the European parliamentary elections and the presidential elections held in Ukraine demonstrated a loud disparity of outcomes. The results of the Europe’s electorates indicated their displeasure in the manner in which the European Union was working. At the same time, the Ukraine populace confirmed their desire to be part of the European Union. Soros goes ahead and urges the EU leaders and citizens to make good use of this opportunity and understand the idea of helping Ukraine, which will be beneficial to Europe.

George Soros states that initially, the EU was intended to establish a close relationship among independent nations enthusiastic to gradually share their independence in order to attain common positive objectives. This was a brave test especially in international authority as well as the rule of law, intended to replace patriotism and use of force.

According to Soros, this turned out to be something different. The euro crisis, for instance, has turned the union fundamentally to a relationship of creditors and debtors. This situation has made the creditor nations to execute conditions to debtor nations, an aspect that has enhanced dominion over different nations. As a result of the low participation in the European parliamentary elections, it is evident that many citizens are not comfortable with the way things stand.

As the situation in international governance in Europe continues to get out of hand, Soros asserts that Russia is emerging as a paramount competitor to the European Union, which has international geopolitical determinations as well as prepared to apply force. President Putin is keen on making use of ethnic national philosophy and the backing from the Orthodox church to augment his administration.

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A New Policy to Rescue Ukraine

Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

George Soros claims that according to the speech by President Putin on the Russian Radio Program “Direct Line” in Aril, 2014, he commended the inherent merits of the Russian population. Moreover, Soros claims that the seizure of Crimea has made Putin be famous in his nation. His efforts to wane the American domination globally partly by seeking an alliance with China has received favorable support from the rest of the world.

According to George Soros, Europe and America need to offer large support financially to Ukraine in order to counter the Russian belligerence. As things are at the moment, Russia has an impermanent premeditated advantage over Ukraine. This is because it is ready to go into war to an extend of using nuclear power although Ukraine associates are resolute in averting a one on one conflict with Russia. This has made Putin enjoy the options of choosing between a hybrid war or a hybrid peace enthusiastically and has made good use of this gain.

George Soros claims that Ukraine cannot overcome the Russian military since Putin is in a good position to marshal an enhanced military power than Ukraine and all its associates in the battlefield. Soros however, asserts that the only way for Europe and the US can outdo Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is through financial power. Through stabilizing Ukraine, the nation will gain a powerful economic foundation and become an investment target. This will improve the lives of people and appeal to the Russian population, who will claim a similar reform. This will give Putin much issues to tackle internally and have little time and effort to concentrate on Ukraine, an aspect that will be beneficial to the western nations.

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Soros Revamping Support For Democratic Party

George Soros has officially thrown his hat back into the political arena. Discouraged after his first attempt to influence an election, the Hungarian born Soros has given an eight million dollar donation to the organization that is aiding with the election of Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Soros is not the only one either. Some affluential Hollywood moguls have also donated around 6 million dollars to help Hillary take the Oval Office. Mr. Soros has also donated 3 million earlier in the year towards this Democratic effort. Soros has always been a big supporter of the Democratic Party and these donations are far and above what he has offered in recent years.

Soros was an immigrant to England. He was forced out of his beloved Hungary when Nazis took occupation of the country. Fleeing to England and getting an education was a logical step for him. He used this education to move to New York City, commence a career in finance and then make his fortune.

The last big effort that George Soros has offered to the Democratic Party was in the attempt to help oust George W Bush from office. This attempt did not prove fruitful and Soros fell back into obscurity once again. He was solicited by super PACs for help to reelect President Obama. Offering minimal support for this effort, he also expresses regret for not supporting Clinton at that time.

George Soros has stated his appreciation for Clinton keeping the lines of communication open with him and speaking on affairs of state. His new support level for the Democratic Party shows his steadfast support of Clinton and her particular subset of political beliefs.

The Democratic Party has recently complained about the sheer amount of cash that has been used for recent elections. What is amazing about these complaints is that the top runners in the 2016 Democratic bid for the White House is more than what some countries have for their GDP annually. Clinton alone has raised over $112 million for her campaign.
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The second runner up for the candidacy, Bernie Sanders has also raised an amazing amount of money for his bid. His grand total to date rounds in at about $93 million. The Republicans are not without guilt in these efforts either. Marco Rubio was able to raise $20 million in donations and Ted Cruz came in at about $14 million in donations.

The exception to the rule is Donald Trump. He is self funding the bulk of his campaign and he has made it clear he will spend about $2 million a week to get the nomination and office. This is in addition to funds of $2 million in donations and the initial $12 he donated to his own campaign to get it started. 

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