Seattle Genetics Develops 12 More Drugs for Cancer

Joe Biden’s recent visit to Seattle Genetics has set the Puget Sound region’s cancer research community in the spotlight. Located in Bothell, Seattle Genetics is a Cancer Drug Company endeavored to widen the use of its first drug while developing new medicines. The move demonstrates Seattle Genetics’ ambitiousness and commitment to advancing cancer research community. Currently, Seattle Genetics is testing Adcetris, Seattle Genetics’ only commercialized drug in different cancer treatment scenarios. Seattle Genetics’ Chief Operating Officer, Clay Siegall noted that Adcetris is being tested in over 70 trials against various types of lymphomas. Adcetris is used in Phase 3 to treat previously and newly diagnosed Hodgkin lymphoma.

Siegall added that the results of Phase 3 trial would by far impact on the company’s reputation compared with other tests done this year. Last year, Adcetris generated almost $226 million in revenue in Canada, and the U.S combined. In the year 2016, its sales revenue is expected to be between $225 and $275 million. Besides, Seattle Genetics’ partner, Takeda Pharmaceutical will distribute the drug outside Canada, and the U.S. Seigall also pointed out that Adectris is one of the many drugs in Seattle Genetics’ store. Excluding Adcetris, Seattle Genetics is now developing 12 types of cancer drugs. The company intends to introduce another cancer drug, 33A, to Phase 3 clinical trials. The new drug will be used to treat acute myeloid leukemia.

Furthermore, Seattle Genetics plans to launch 12 new drugs. The company will invest heavily in those three drugs to find a cure for cancer. With 800 employees on board, Seattle Genetics is hiring more employees. It plans to add 100 and 20 employees in its offices in the U.S. and Switzerland respectively.

About Clay Siegall

Dr. Siegall serves as Seattle Genetics’ President and Chief Operating Officer. Besides, he serves as the Chairman of Board of Seattle Genetics. He holds a degree in Zoology from Maryland University and a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. Before Seattle Genetics, Siegall worked at the National Cancer Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals between 1988 and 1991.

Things to Know Innovacare Health

Innovacare is a leading center in providing Medicaid as well as Medicare Advantage plans. You will also get help in case you need physician services. They provide the best, reliable and quality healthcare by ensuring they create cost-effective and sustainable services to all their patients. Having the latest technologies helps them offer the best services without delay. Innovacare is reliable since they put their patients first and you can be certain of receiving treatment no matter the time.

There are many branches of Innovacare all over the world for you to visit on This will help you save time and money when traveling and you can be certain of receiving services at any time without delays. You will come across many qualified experts at your disposal who will be willing to listen to your problems and help you out. You can also trust their services since they are confidential and anything you disclose to them is used to ensure you get the right treatment.

Innovacare Leadership

One of the reasons as to why InnovaCare Health is offering quality services is due to the great leadership it has. There is a board of directors managing all the activities carried out throughout the day. They are also responsible in ensuring there are enough employees at your disposal so you can get services whenever you need them. Dr. Rick Shinto is the CEO and the chief executive of Innovacare who has been a great inspiration to many people. Due to his hard work, Innovacare has emerged as one of the best healthcare centers by providing reliable advantage plans to patients as well as providing the best medical practices.

Penelope Kokkinides is now the Chief Administrative Officer of Innovacare since in June 2015. Previously, she served as the Chief Operating Officer at Innovacare before she was promoted. Kokkinides has a huge experience of around 20 years in government programs which are Medicaid and Medicare as well as the managed care industry on She has been in this industry for a long time and she has knowledge on how to develop clinic programs as well as manage health care processes so as to improve efficiencies infrastructure.


It is important for you to ensure you get your Medicaid or even Medicare advantage plans from a well-recognized corporation. This will ensure you get reliable services all the time and you can also trust their opinions. Innovare’s mission is to provide reliable health care services to their patients by having the best management to meet all the different needs of their clients.

Fashion Trends With a Techno Flair

There are probably no stranger bedfellows than technology and fashions. The merger of the two has proven that they can not only exist side by side, but that they can grow together, help one another out, and even make the world a safer and more beautiful place.

The popularity of this new and unusual blend, while not due primarily to the incubation of Chris Burch, is the kind of venture that he would put his expertise and Midas touch to. Billionaire Chris Burch is a man of humble beginnings.

One of ten children born to an humble middle-class family in Baltimore, his business acumen and his wits have led him far from that humble start. While a student at Ithaca College, he and his brother started Eagle’s Eye Apparel. His initial investment of $2,000 and some “preppy” sweaters over the next decade grew into a business with $140 million in sales.

Chris Burch is a man with entrepreneurial values and a vision for new market opportunities. He has a keen creative imagination and an intuitive appreciation for and understanding of consumer behavior that has led to the conception and rise of over fifty companies. He is now ready to take a fascinating journey down the previously unexplored but glitzy road of tech fashion. This trip like all the others he has taken is sure to be an eye opener.

The interesting fusion of fashion and technology is the creation and use of wearable technology. The designs of the future are not that far away and are as proficient as they are surreal. No longer limited to the use of recycled material in dressmaking, the idea now is creating something beautiful that fulfills a specific purpose. Some of these designs are garments that respond to the environment. A dress made with holographic leather that reacts to sound.

A bathing suit that changes color based on how light hits it, or smart socks that can detect the type and level of an activity. What about the possibility of an outfit made of a fabric that lets you charge your phone or monitor your heart?

The sky is the limit, but as fashion and technology grow together their fusion will surely be as functional as they are beautiful. The excitement of tomorrow according to Chris Burch lies in what these two industries learn from each other and how they use what they learn.

Visit his website,, for more information.

The Midas Legacy Living Well

Most of us have a mental picture of what our life and eventual retirement will look like. We imagine living with enough money to sustain our lifestyle, hoping to enjoy good health and feel a sense of fulfillment in how we are living our lives. When these goals are met, your life and retirement will be filled with happiness.

Financial success in itself is not a guarantee you will be a happy person. Knowing how to manage your wealth is the key to a better lifestyle. There are many financial institutions that will assist you in managing your investments but knowing how to improve your life situation is just as important. The secret is to find a company that offers, not just financial advice but also assistance in how to turn your financial success into a better lifestyle.

The Midas Legacy is a consultancy firm, located in Winter Garden, Florida, that offers advice on investing and wealth management. The Midas Legacy will assist investors, potential entrepreneurs, anyone who want’s a better life. This is accomplished by using a combination of resources that have been proven to have a beneficial impact on the lives of its members. Members will get helpful insight into finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, health, self-control and many other aspects of living a better and more fulfilling life.

The Midas Legacy relies on the advice of acknowledged experts in varied fields. These experts include, but are not limited to, authors, well-known investors in the stock market, successful entrepreneurs, and professionals in health and real estate. Advice from a noted financial journalist such as Sean Bower, a business journalist often quoted in financial publications such as Yahoo Finance and the International Business Times is a good example of one of these experts. Members will find similar qualifications for any of the other experts on The Midas Legacy staff, who all share the common vision of helping members to reach their goals of success and happiness.

Being a socially responsible organization, The Midas Legacy supports a host of community charities and organizations. The Florida Sheriffs Association recently named them a Gold Business Member. Through The Give Hope Foundation, the company helps families that are dealing with childhood cancer throughout Central Florida. There are numerous other charities supported by The Midas Legacy including American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The Midas Legacy realizes that part of living a happy and fulfilling life is knowing how to give back.

The Midas Legacy can make it possible for you to reach your financial goals, and even more importantly, guide you to a better way of life.

Cone Marshall Executives Discuss Specifications for New Zealand Trusts

Cone Marshall, a law firm specializing in the establishment of trusts, partnerships and companies, and estate planning, recently participated in a summit where executives discussed specifications for particular types of New Zealand Trusts. After executives initially described the types of circumstances that should be present in order for a family to consider the establishment of a trust (or the establishment of several trusts), they discussed the benefits and difficulties associated with various types of trusts available to New Zealand families. The executives stated that each type of trust was designed for a specific circumstances and is therefore created with unique benefits. Cone Marshall executives discussed the benefits associated with bypass trusts, special needs trusts, and spend thrift trusts.

According to Cone Marshall, a firm that has many years of experience with the establishment of trusts in New Zealand, a bypass trust is a very common type of trust established by married couples in New Zealand. The intention of the bypass trust is to help married couples avoid certain property taxes and to create a more affordable option for new couples who own property. Since this trust was developed to help couples set aside money and avoid heavy taxation, it would be unwise for families who wished to set up a trust because of different circumstances to create this type of trust. For couples who do not own a specific amount of money in property, this type of trust could actually create undue financial burdens.

For families who have dependents who have special needs or will never be able to care for themselves, executives at Cone Marshall suggest the special needs trust. This trust is created specifically for families who need to set aside funds and instructions for the care of a loved one in the event that the guarantor should die or become incapacitated. These trusts can also be created as a part of a will. The guarantor of a special needs trust can also choose to allow donations to be made to the trust by other parties, an option that is not available for every type of trust.

Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall both also discussed the option of spend thrift thrusts. This commonly used option for wealthier families gives the guarantor the option of placing money in an account for the use of an heir only after the heir has reached a certain age. This option is best for families who have young heirs or feel that their dependents have not reached the point of maturity to handle large sums of money.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel: In The Forefront Of Sleep Apnea Research

Sleep Apnea can play a role in the people developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and many other serious conditions. Dr. Avi Weisfogel, founder of Dental Sleep Masters, has done lots of work diagnosing and treating sleep apnea suffers. His efforts have led to significant advancements in the research on and solutions for sleep apnea. It’s important work that’s shed some light on this often baffling condition.

With clear correlation between sleep apnea and serious medical conditions there have been many studies and a new sense of urgency to find definitive answers about and treatment for sleep apnea. About 9 out of 10 people with sleep apnea don’t realize they have the condition. There’s a desperate need for more awareness. A team from Dental Sleep Masters led by Dr. Weisfogel has created sleep labs and enlisted certified sleep physicians in primary and secondary care models. This creates better care and support for patients and opportunities within the medical community. New treatments and devices also help.

Many patients don’t respond positively to the current treatments. ImThera Medical’s THN Sleep Therapy was recently cleared for clinical trials by the FDA. Smaller, less bulky, more user friendly devices show promise and can encourage patients to seek help. Dentists are beginning to devote more resources to diagnosing and treating the condition and more breakthroughs are anticipated in the coming years. Many patients find the current equipment used for treatment to disruptive or uncomfortable. Treatments which help upper airway muscles stay open have shown better results. Medical and dental professionals working together will help many undiagnosed people.

A graduate of Rutgers University and New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Weisfogel has worked on sleep disorders and their treatment for decades. He opened Old Bridge Dental Care, his first dental practice, in 1999 and won Best Dentist and other accolades many times. He also began exploring sleep and sleep disorders and how doctors and dentist can help during that time.

Dr. Weisfogel has founded several companies related to sleep disorders. He founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. The company uses oral appliances to address sleep disorders.

Improving research and transfer of mechanism – Wessex Institute of Technology

Education is fundamental in the day to day running of life, as it gives us knowledge and understanding. Institutions have been founded to offer the knowledge needed on various grounds, one of them being Wessex Institute of Technology.
Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is an educational and research institute offering a higher degree. The institution is located in South England, at Ashurst Lodge in the New Forest National Park. The primary purpose of Wessex Institute of Technology is to provide a cycle of knowledge transfer mechanism, with a goal of information exchange between academics and professional within the industry. The institution’s activities are achieved and divided into three categories: publishing, conferences, and research.
The institution has been ranked the best in the area of research and the number of projects it handles each year. In their researches, they collaborate with research organizations that also fund their research projects. Wessex Institute of Technology has been ranked in the University and Colleges ranking as number 4450 in the Europe continent as 1279 and 140 in England. Regarding performance, it is listed as 4060 and openness as number 4121 world over. The institution is also has been an award winning facility for many years.

Mike Baur’s Incredible Achievements As an Entrepreneur

Mike Baur is one of the Swiss entrepreneurs who are known in the investment landscape for good reasons. He plays a bigger role in initiatives aimed to change how people view investment from the start. According to Baur, Switzerland is one of the fastest emerging economies set to shock the world in the next ten years. Baur stresses that it is very important for Switzerland entrepreneurs to come together and work as a unit towards a better future.

In an interview organized by, Mike Baur acknowledges that there are a lot of companies that have the potential to become sensational. He pinpointed that such companies need to focus more on execution than innovation. He acknowledges that companies could be more successful if they can balance the two aspects.

Because of his desire to make an impact on Switzerland’s business landscape, Mike Baur quit his career as a banker to start a company known as Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). The company looks for promising entrepreneurs and incubates them into well-molded entrepreneurs. The company also focuses on building more opportunities for individuals and startups through connections in Switzerland and around the globe.

The company runs its programs within a span of three months. Within this period, young entrepreneurs get the chance to interact with successful businessmen assembled from different parts of the world. The system also provides a platform that allows the prospective entrepreneurs get appropriate coaching and mentoring tailored specifically to their fields of interests. They are provided with incentives for services and office spaces to work in. Before the program ends, the attendees get to connect with other entrepreneurs to create more opportunities and work their way to the top of the business ladder. The company recently merged with Fintech Accelerator Fusion to create a stronger brand presence in both Zurich and Geneva. The two will collaborate on a number of operation channels including startup acceleration, pre-selections and mentor exchange networks.

More about Mike Baur

Mike Baur was born in Fribourg, Switzerland to strict parents who only wanted a bright future for their child. Baur’s entrepreneurship skills began to surface at a young age. He was always interested in banking and finance. As a result, he joined the banking sector after college. His hard work and innovative mind helped him rise through the ranks. He even became an executive board member at the Swiss Private Bank. He is a graduate of Rochester University with a MBA.



Wengie’s Top Three DIY Phone Hacks

If you own a smartphone, this DIY tutorial made by Wengie is certainly for you! The Australian beauty blogger never fails in delivering interesting information and tutorials never once thought possible. Her mission to make life a little sweeter radiates in each one of her videos, and makes for an entertaining experience for those who give her DIY hacks a try.


  1. Plastic Makes an Incredible Hologram Producer


An old CD case no longer serves a purpose, so breaking it into five pieces and then forming a pyramid using hot glue is a great way to turn your phone into a hologram producer. Simply turn the lights out and watch in amazement as images dance throughout the air lively and colorful.


  1. Turn Your Phone into a Blacklight


This is Wengie’s favorite DIY phone hack because of its simplicity and the endless hours of fun that it allows for. After admitting that she painted her face with highlighters to make this trick that much more fun, she showed users how to do it:



  • Cover your phone’s flashlight with a clear piece of tape. Color it using a blue marker.
  • Cover that piece of tape with another and color that portion in with a purple marker.
  • Finally, cover that piece and color it in blue again.


After doing this, simply turn your flashlight on and prepare to be amazed at how the colors glow.


  1. Make Your Own Speaker and Phone Stand


The strain playing on your phone puts on your neck is fairly bothersome, so Wengie suggests making your own stand that doubles as a speaker. Simply take two solo cups and a toilet paper roll. Cut small holes into the cups that will easily hold the ends of the roll, and place it inside. From there, cut a slit into the exposed portion of the roll that your phone will fit in. After placing your phone inside its designated holder, you will be pleasantly surprised at the sound that it generates.

Jennifer Walden Takes On Facelifts, Tummy Tucks, And Parenting

Jennifer Walden is one of the top plastic surgeons in America and Texas is proud to say she has moved back home. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in the state of Texas. She is the daughter of a fantastic and talented Dentist and a Surgical Nurse. She began learning how important the medical profession was at an early age. This education is what gave her the desire to become a surgeon. Jennifer also enjoyed sports when she was growing up. She played soccer and made the all-star team. After completing high school, college, and getting her doctorate she moved to New York to work.


In New York, Jennifer Walden became one of the best doctors and speakers around. She trained with one of the top ear, nose, and throat doctors before she added on her speaking career. She loved to speak in front of other groups and teach them skills in surgery. She is now a media commentator. In 2011 Jennifer moved home to raise her twin boys. Being a single parent and knowing how important it was to have family around, she made the decision to have her parents and other family members close.


Jennifer Walden is the proud recipient of several awards. She is proud to say she has the honor of being one of American Women’s Society Award winners. She also won awards for the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Winning these awards gives her the ability to feel confident in giving out advice about touchy subjects such as sex. She is often meeting with people to explain the myths behind vaginal rejuvenation and what men believe about the woman’s genitalia. Jennifer hopes that she can make a difference when she talks about specific issues.


Being a plastic surgeon and loving to make people beautiful, Jennifer is taking her job to the next level. She is taking on several talk shows and is helping people get makeovers, and wrinkle reduction. Facelifts and tummy tucks help people to feel better about themselves and Jennnifer sure does plenty of these in her profession. Her new satellite office is open and she is ready to perform miracles to make people look and feel better. Austin Texas is lucky to have such a talented young woman to be in their corner.